Vacation in Central America – 7 of the Best Beaches To Go To

Countries in Central America are encompassed by the Pacific and Caribbean oceans. From here, you are now allowing yourself to picture the number of stunning beaches you will find in this area. Right after traveling a lot throughout the area, you’ll be able to find a lot of beaches that you can fall in love with. Here are some of them:

1. Ambergris Caye, Belize – This can as well be an island and is particularly the largest of the beaches in this country. Ambergris rests within the second largest sized coral reef on the planet. The town provides a relaxed Caribbean ambiance along with amazing views as well as incredible things to do such as diving, snorkeling, caving and cruising.

2. Playa Tunco, El Salvador – This is called the secret of Central America. This beach has black sand where its volcanic beach is incredibly preferred among surfers since it provides great all year-round breaks allowing the surfers to compete with each other. It’s also a fantastic location for beginners due to the number of surf schools which can be found there. If you are not into surfing, another alternative way to enjoy is to spend hours experiencing the peaceful environment at one of the numerous beach front bars.

3. Bocas del Toro, Panama – This particular peaceful beach town is situated on Panama’s northern Caribbean Coast. The beach offers an attractive archipelago and all sorts of activities that one could imagine around the place such as: snorkeling and cruising. It’s very clear waters help you stay in a relaxed, paradise trance throughout your stay.

4. Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica – This particular place is a lovely white sanded beach situated on the pacific coast of Costa Rica. Manuel Antonio National Park, which supports the 3 most stunning beaches within the area, is most beneficial recognized for the non-stop wildlife views as well as its close encounters.

5. Monterrico, Guatemala – This specific beach is a black sanded, volcanic beach situated on Guatemala’s Pacific coast and it is the most famous beach of the land. It’s primarily for beach bumming as well as surfing mainly because of its powerful tides. Yet, it’s a location where you have the opportunity to get a good look at endangered sea turtles which are nesting and hatching.

6. San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua – This particular place is a white sanded beach situated in Nicaragua’s Southern Pacific coast. It is referred to as a great location for surfing as well as sport fishing. In the location it’s also possible to go and visit the ruins of William Walker’s fort. Undeniably this is the most part of Nicaragua where there are a lot of tourists; however, if you come within the off-season, you’ll get to have the beach and waves all for your own enjoyment.

7. Roatan, Honduras – This is actually the largest of Honduras’ islands. The fine sand is really white and also the water is very pure that the ocean possesses a turquoise color. At some point Roatan was regarded as the very best valued place to dive across the globe. It is still remarkably affordable, and is worth its value. However, if you are not that much into diving, you can just sit on its silk like beaches viewing the brilliant colors of the water and play under the sun.

These are seven of the best beaches that you shouldn’t miss as you travel across Central America.