Looking to Buy a Second Home? Central America Offers Great Value

Looking for a second home for vacation, retirement or simply as an investment? If so, then you should consider a location in Central America.

Properties in countries like Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama offer natural beauty as well as great value. Your dollar goes much further in these countries than in the U.S.

Just imagine, you can buy a spacious home on the beach or in the mountains for less than one-third and sometimes one-half of what you would pay for a comparable vacation property at home.

To meet the demand for luxury property in Central America, many developers are now building, upscale, master-planned residential developments.

You’ll find properties that offer everything you could ever want in a second home, from resort-style pools, to world-class golf courses, gourmet restaurants, upscale retailers, beach access and personalized concierge services. And many have rental programs that will keep your home rented and generating revenue for you when you’re not there.

Plus, these countries are encouraging foreign investors, offering tax incentives and generally making it easy and safe for non-citizens to purchase property.

For all these reasons Central America is experiencing a growth spurt that has never been seen before and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. And, as anyone who has ever bought real estate knows, the time to buy is at the start of the upswing.

A second home in Central America offers:

o A low cost of living

o Great weather year-round

o The chance to enjoy another culture

o Quality developments with outstanding amenities

o Beautiful, untouched ocean views

o Beach and mountain locations

o An opportunity to buy real estate at pre-construction prices

o Optional rental programs to generate revenue

o Profit potential when you sell

o Proximity to the U.S.

Investing in real estate in Central America has never been smarter or easier. Using the Internet, you can learn about properties overseas and the requirements for making a purchase. Transactions can be done via e-mail and phone.

Additionally, financial institutions are more willing now to make loans on second homes abroad than they were in the past. The process has been simplified as lenders have become increasingly transparent, global and linked.

Concerned about buying a home in a country that isn’t as modern as the U.S.? Don’t be. Infrastructure in Central America has been greatly improved in recent years. There are new and expanded airports, and more frequent and direct flights from major U.S. and European cities. There are better roads and modern marinas, all enhancing access to new property developments.

Plus, these countries now have up-to-date medical facilities, often staffed by American-trained doctors. Getting advanced and affordable healthcare is no longer a concern. Suddenly, what was once considered an exotic location now offers the same quality and conveniences as home.

If being far away from friends and family causes you to hesitate, don’t worry about being out of touch. In Panama, Mexico and Costa Rica, you’ll find global cellular phone connections and easy Internet access, helping fend off feelings of isolation during time spent outside the U.S.

Owning a vacation or retirement property in Central America countries like Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica can provide great enjoyment, diversify your investments, generate rental income and even ultimately increase your net worth. What more could you ask from a second home!