Top 5 Backpacker Adventure Trips in South and Central America

Holidaymakers who have plans to travel around South and Central America and are looking for some adventure during their trip might want to head to these five destinations, where you’ll find a whole range of activities to take part in.

For a truly spectacular sight, you could start your journey in South America’s most southerly point and work your way upwards through the continent. This will take you to Patagonia – a 673,000-square kilometre stretch of land that cradles between Argentina and Chile.

Throughout this vast area, you’ll be able to experience the different cultures of the two countries but the main reason people tend to head this far south is to see the magnificent views of its ice-capped mountain ranges and glaciers.

Wrapping up warm, you could head to Parque Nacional de Los Glaciares – a place where you’ll come face-to-face with some of the most impressive icebergs you’re ever likely to come across. You can walk around the ice lakes or take a boat trip to get closer to the glaciers and listen to the loud cracking sounds of ice breaking off and the thunderous noise of them splashing into the deep waters.

Patagonia also has other awesome natural landscapes that you can see on walking, horse riding and cycling trips, including its canyons, valleys and volcanoes that create a vista you’re unlikely to forget for a long time.

If you love looking at natural sights, you could travel up the continent to Brazil to see its Iguacu Falls. Here, you can come close to the thunderous falls – a stretch of water three kilometres wide that drops 80 metres.

As the falls are wider than Victoria Falls and taller than Niagara Falls, they are definitely worth a look and you can get a different perspective of them if you cross over the Argentinean border. Here, you will see some of the narrower 250 waterfalls of Iguacu, dropping from great heights in the midst of the dense forest.

Adventure lovers can get even closer to the spray by taking a boat trip near to the rolling waters, where you can hear the roar of the river tumbling down and feel the splash on your faces. Or, you can take a helicopter ride to see the falls in their full glory.

Costa Rica is another place to visit if you want to see impressive natural landscapes as the country is full of luscious cloud forests, golden sandy beaches, natural hot springs and thundering volcanoes.

Indeed, if you want to get your adrenaline pumping you can visit Arenal Volcano National Park, where you can take part in a number of thrill-seeking activities. However, it is most famous for being home to one of Costa Rica’s most active volcanoes, Arenal. You can feel the 5,437-foot tall mountain rumble as you climb your way through the forests of the national park and by night, you can have some spectacular views of it spewing out amber lava into the sky and see the fiery red molten rock trickle down its slopes.

The national park remains one of the most popular places to visit in Costa Rica, as you can enjoy a variety of activities there, including white-water rafting, cycling, horse riding and trekking through the 29,692-acre mountainous forest terrain.

You might even want to follow in the footsteps of fellow backpackers and go zip flying through its green jungle, which has become a hugely popular activity to enjoy in the nation.

As well as the region’s breathtaking views, Central and South America is also well-known for its ancient history and taking part in the Inca Trail challenge is on most itineraries of holidaymakers heading to this part of the world.

Over the years, this 43-kilometre trek has made Peru one of the most popular places to visit in South America, as many people come to retrace the steps of the Incas to the lost city of Machu Picchu, situated high on the Andean peaks.

The hike lasts four days and during this period, you will walk through cloud forests, trek up steep mountain edges and camp near snow-capped peaks. The highest point on the trip is at 4,200 metres and you might become affected by this steep altitude. However, the views along the way of sharp silver mountaintops nestling within white clouds for miles on end more than make up for this.

At the end of the trip, you will make it to Machu Picchu – the Inca city hidden for hundreds of years in the imposing folds of the mountains. Seeing the remains of the once-bustling metropolis peeking out behind the sunrise will take your breath away as you try to imagine how generations of people lived here so many miles from other forms of civilisation.

If you’re into your history, then another site you should visit is Mexico’s Chichen Itza – one of the most famous Mayan ruins in the country. Here, you can walk around the stone temples and other buildings where the Mayan people lived between 700 and 900, hiding in the wild growth of the jungle.

This is one of the most popular of Mexico’s historical locations and for good reason, as you can walk around the city and come up with theories about how the civilisation that existed here for hundreds of years suddenly vanished in the 14th century.

Places like these make Central and South America must-see destinations for people who want to discover something new, as you never know when another lost city will be found within its vast and impenetrable landscape.

Central America Travel

Introduction: If you are planning to travel for some exotic locations, beautiful sea sores and beaches, variety of sea sports, mixtures of cultures and beauty then Central America is the right place for you where you will not only get these but many more during your travel. You will also find a number of adventure locations in and around some of the Central American Countries.

Some of the beautiful locations in Costa Rica, Panama, Belize and Nicaragua are in competition with one another and you can get accommodation here at a very affordable rate. Central America is known for mixed culture and therefore you can see here people having different languages and civilizations.

Central American countries are the perfect place to enjoy either with someone special, or with the whole family. These countries are having several top resorts and hotels and your stay here will be very special and exciting. Here you will not only find historic sites, art galleries, museums, parks but plenty of other activities will keep your schedule tight and you will never face a shortage of things to do here.

You will find the people most receptive here. Native people in these countries are cooperative, ready to share their culture and history with the visitors. Your stay here will be wonderfully unique and you will have a desire to come here again and gain.

Most popular destinations in Central America: In Central American countries Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua and Guatemala you will find many popular destinations such as Panama City, Belize City, San Jose, Antigua, Bocas del Toro, Guatemala City and many more. You will find cheap hotels and restaurant here and you every person in your family will have something to do here.

There are a number of museums and national parks you would like to see. Excellent sea beaches and sunshine will really attract you and you will find yourself enjoying in these beautiful cities. What is more interesting is that you will find accommodation and food here quite cheaper.

Adventures available in Central America: There are lot of adventurous sports in Central America including sea sports such as kayaking in Panama River, scuba diving, motor sporting, mountain biking, rafting, snorkeling and many more. Panama canal adventure in itself is a complete combination of sports and adventure. You will see many excellent engineering marvels in your passage to Panama Canal and in the recent past an excellent viewing center is opened. This will help you understand the architectural thought behind it.

Water sport is more common and you and your family will enjoy fun water sports in the ocean. Some of the fun water sports available to you in these countries include diving, charter sailboats, paddle boating, Para-sailing, fishing, water skiing, snorkeling and many more.

The Perfect Vacation: The Caribbean and Central America Together!

Part of the fun of going on vacations is the planning stage: Where shall I travel? What do I want to do? Will I be safe there? Searching for the perfect destination is fun, and putting the strings together for a unique vacation is even more fun. However, finding a destination that offers several different settings close by is not always easy, and most of the time, you have to compromise part of your dreamed up experience because it simply is not compatible with the other part of your dream destination.

I recently traveled to the beautiful island of Roatan in the Caribbean. Until recently, most people had never heard of this island. Heck, most people have actually never heard of it despite the fact that it has become an important port of call for many different cruise ship lines.

Roatan is part of a small, little known archipelago (set of islands) in the northwestern Caribbean known as the Bay Islands of Honduras. They belong to the Central American country of Honduras, and are only 20 miles off the Coast of Central America. Getting to Roatan is very easy: American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Avianca all offer non stop air service from the USA to Roatan. Located within two and a half hours flight of Miami, Houston, Dallas, and Atlanta, flying to Roatan is both easy, quick and affordable. Best of all, although the official language in Honduras is Spanish, everybody speaks English in Roatan!

Roatan is a small, long island, with a total of about 40 miles long, it is only 4 miles wide at its widest! There are still many small seaside communities that retain their authentic Caribbean architecture. In addition, beautiful and pristine white sand beaches, small island resorts, and outstanding diving in the barrier reefs that surround the island offer an idyllic setting to relax, enjoy, get scuba certified and have fine food and ice cold beer at the beach.

Nearby Roatan you will find mainland Central America. The port city of La Ceiba, once home to the Dole Fruit headquarters in Honduras, offers a truly unique setting in the nearby Cangrejal River Valley. Travel time there from Roatan is a short two hour trip, beginning with the modern water jet catamaran ferry: Galaxy Wave that will bring you in full comfort from Roatan to La Ceiba in an hour and a half, and then a short 30 minute taxi drive the Cangrejal River Valley.

The Cangrejal River Valley offers access to two different national parks, outstanding hiking trails into some of the best preserved tropical rain forests in Central America, the best white water rafting in the Caribbean and Central America and the best spot for bird watching in Honduras. The Cangrejal River Valley is one of the highlights of the Atlantida, the unique Honduras destination that offers the access to the best of Central America and the Caribbean. There you will find a variety of different lodges and inns that will make you stay absolutely perfect. The perfect vacation can be had in Honduras by visiting both Roatan and the Cangrejal River Valley in La Ceiba.

Roatan is the perfect alternative for a laid back Caribbean Experience, La Ceiba is the ideal destination for adventure and nature vacation! Yes you can have two totally different experiences in one trip by combining these two destinations. Truly the ideal combination for a perfect vacation!