Adventure Travel in Central America

The new upcoming destination for adventure travel in Central America is called “Atlantida” (Spanish for Atlantis!). With three main hubs to choose from, Atlantida offers a variety of adventure travel options that will fit into the most experienced travelers demands. The three main tourism hubs in Atlantida are the cities of Tela, La Ceiba and the Cangrejal River Valley. Now you are probably asking yourself, where on earth is this so called Atlantida? Well you already know it is in Central America, but where exactly? Atlantida is located right in the heart of Central America: in the beautiful country of Honduras. It is also the gateway to the World famous Bay Islands of Honduras, three lovely, unspoiled Caribbean Islands that are close to the mainland, yet retain a unique heritage.

So what kind of adventure is available in this new destination? With a total of 7 national parks or protected areas, Atlantida offers unique opportunities to hike in the different national parks. There are a network of trails available throughout the area, and you can choose the difficulty of them, that can go from easy to very demanding. With a total of over 400 bird species accounted for in Honduras, you can find a very large variety within these protected areas. One of the most important birding hot spots in Honduras can be found precisely in Atlantida.

The City of Tela is famous throughout the region for its spectacular white sand beaches. All inclusive resorts as well as smaller boutique hotels and hostels. La Ceiba is famous for its great night life, as well as for the adventure activities within the Cangrejal River Area.

The Cangrejal River offers a unique setting, where you can enjoy white water rafting, zip line canopy tours, rappelling down waterfalls and horseback riding tours into the tropical rain forests.

A 400 foot long “Indiana Jones” swing bridge offers access to a trail that will take you to the lovely “El Bejuco Waterfall” a spectacular waterfall with a drop of over 300 feet!
Best of all, there are several different lodges and hostels within the Cangrejal River Valley where you can choose to stay in. Some of these properties are actually award winning lodges, offering outstanding accommodations and a truly unique setting.The Cangrejal River is truly the heart of this unique destination for adventure travel in Central America!

Nearby are the Cayos Cochinos Marine Monument, a unique set of two small islands and 13 tiny cays that are the epitome of the Caribbean paradise. Natural hot springs are also available close by!

If you are looking for the perfect adventure travel in Central America, look no more, come and discover Atlantida and have the adventure of your lifetime! Hurry, come and experience this unique destination before it becomes a hot destination overrun by tourists!

Top 4 Travel Destinations in Central America

When it comes to the places that you can travel in Central America, there are a few places that come to mind fairly quickly. Here are a few other ideas that we came up with as to where you can go if you’re looking to check out a few of the more interesting areas in Panama. What are you interested in? That’s what we’ll be basing our next three entries on!

Nature- Darien’s Province

There are all sorts of wonderful sites in this little known area in Panama. If you’re looking for beautiful wildlife or are just out to catch a breath of fresh air, this is the absolutely perfect area for you! However, you will need to understand that the only way that you’re going to make it in is by plane and you’ll need to talk with a tour guide or tour group, as this area is extremely secluded and the chances of you going in and finding your way around is slim. So, contact a guide tour group beforehand or check it out online before you decide to go there. If you want to travel to Panama, don’t hesitate to check this out as well!

Big City- Panama City

There are three cities within this city, which includes Old Panama City, the Second Panama city, and the city that you currently know and love. This is the best of both worlds. You get to see the culture, the shopping that’s available, and you get to see both Latino culture and cultures from around the world come together in a giant melting pot of awesomeness. Not to mention that there are all sorts of hotels and other nice resorts here that you can visit if you’re looking for a place to stay!

Are you a Survivor?– Pearl Islands

The Pearl Islands may sound familiar. They’re actually the location of the Survivor Panama edition. Not once, but twice has Survivor been filmed here. But, it already had quite a few perks. First and foremost, you could buy pearls here and still can to this day. You can also check out some of the absolutely beautiful wildlife that they have around as well. And, if you were ever concerned about the contestants on the show and whether or not they would die if they got hurt, don’t worry, they’re only less than thirty minutes away from Panama City by plane. Walking, however, would be a different story.

Rainforest- Panama Canal Rainforest

Ever wanted to see a rainforest? Wanted to walk through one? This is the best and closest that you’ll ever get to a rainforest, especially if you just want to through it in one trip. There are several things nearby, but not so much that you don’t get to enjoy the rainforest. It’s said you’ll see more nature in Panama’s little rainforest than you would in the huge Amazon in Brazil. There are plenty of tours in Panama that you can take if you’re looking to go check out the rainforest! Not to mention they don’t cost too much!

Holidays and Festivals in Central America

Before Europeans arrived in Central America, ancient Mayan religion guided many areas of the local people’s lives. Festivals, ceremonies, and rituals honoring their many gods and goddesses were held almost daily.

When the Spanish arrived in the Americas, they brought with them their own religion: Catholicism, a branch of Christianity. To convert the local people to Catholicism, the colonists forbade traditional religions and destroyed many Mayan temples and documents. However, some Maya secretly continued to observe many of their long-held beliefs and traditions. These practices eventually blended with Christianity to create a new and unique belief system, which is followed by many of the region’s people. Smaller populations of Jews and Muslims also live in Central America.

Largely as a result of this rich religious past, Central Americans celebrate a great many holidays and festivals. In the Christian tradition, Easter and Christmas are the year’s two most important events.All throughout the region, Semana Santa-the week leading up to Easter-is a time for dramatic and emotional festivities. Small villages and large cities alike hold processions in which worshippers carry statues of Jesus, Mary, and other Christian figures through the streets to or from the local church.One of the most beautiful Easter traditions in the region takes place in the city of Antigua, Guatemala. The night before Good Friday (the Friday before Easter), residents spend many hours creating intricate, brightly colored carpets of flower petals and dyed sawdust in the sidewalks and streets. Then, beginning at dawn on Good Friday, large processions pass over these temporary works of art, destroying the display until the next year. On Easter Sunday, many Central Americans attend a morning Mass (Catholic church service). Afterward, they head home to enjoy large feasts with family and friends. This celebration meal showcases many regional specialties, along with holiday treats.