4 Hidden Spots to Travel in Central America Without Many Tourists Around

Telica Volcano – Nicaragua

Many are the opportunities to visit a volcano in Nicaragua and Central America. Some of them are focused on “volcano-boarding” (I.e. Snowboarding down the volcano) and other ones on simple hikes. What makes Telica stand out is the lack of tourist infrastructure, the possibility of making the trip independently, the camping opportunities at the top and the fact you can literally walk to the very edge of the crater. Seeing lava and magma makes the experience very special and highly recommended to any tourist visiting the area. The start of the trail is 30 minutes bus ride from León and the climb takes between 4 and 5 hours.

Glovers Reef – Belize

Glover’s Reef Atoll is situated 3 hours boat ride away from mainland Belize. It has 5 small keys in the south-east corner of the atoll. One of them, the “North-East Caye” is an unspoilt island covered by coconut palms and placed right in the coral reef. A place where the mass tourism has not arrived yet, neither the electricity or the crowds. It´s hard to believe a place like this still exists. And that it has not been ruined and turned into a huge resort like in most of the other Caribbean islands.

Here you wake up with the sunrise, enjoy the birds singing, catch your dinner of the sea and refresh yourself while snorkeling with turtles and sharks. On top of that, the scuba diving and kayaking opportunities are spectacular.

Playa Junquillal – Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an incredible place to experience nature at its best. But it has a downside. The country is already very popular among backpackers and tourists alike. The prices are normally very high, the places are packed with foreigners and you have to pay an entrance fee for almost every sight in the country. But if you know where to look, you still can find isolated and beautiful places to experience the real Costa Rica. The very north-west corner of the country is still undeveloped and it preserves its natural beauty and charm. The coast line around Playa Junquillal is a place where beaches are deserted, wildlife is all over and locals welcome you at every town. A very special spot where visitors won’t leave disappointed.

Santa Catalina – Panama

If you are looking for a place to surf, scuba dive or simply relax out of the tourist trail in Central America, Santa Catalina is the place for you. Situated on the Pacific coast of Panama, the road to get to town was finally paved only in 2009. The place is just starting to see tourists and still remains very low-key. Coiba Island is just around the corner. Being on the same underwater mountain chain as Galapagos, the scuba diving possibilities are great for shark and whales encounters. At the same time, Santa Catalina enjoys one of the best waves in Central America, making it also a hot stop for surfers. Increasing in popularity in the last couple of years, now is probably the best time to visit before the secret becomes wide spread.